Take Time To Read Committee

Brethren now would be a great time tp bring up before your Lodge the Take Time To Read program if your lodge is not already participating in it. This program gets your Lodge before the Community in a positive light and you get a lot of Masonic Mileage and Exposure. When lodge members use their skills in reading, tutoring or just listening to children read K thru 2nd gradesthey help them to excell. You also become a Memtor to these students and become a big part of their lives. In doing so, in some cases you are the only positive influence besides their teacher in their lives.
This program comes at no cost to your lodge except for your time, one hour a week, what better use of your time than to reach down and help a child. All the material used in this program can be ordered from the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Dyslexia Learning Center. in Dallas  Phone #  
If you need any help in getting started please don’t hesitate to call on myself or any member of The Take Time To Read Committee listed below. we are here to serve you and your lodge.
Sincerely and Fraternally
Al Alexandre
Cell # 325-829-5418
Email [email protected]come
Mike D. Webb
Vice Chairman
Cell 806-231-9166
Email [email protected]
Coby N. Carter
Cell 936-468-2608
Email [email protected]
Fabriel Cisneros
Cell 956-408-1124
Email [email protected]
David Lynn Everett
Cell 254-722-0901
Email [email protected]
Johnnie R Hutchins
Cell 254-396-2343
Email [email protected]
Sonny Juarez, Jr.
Cell 254-714-2999
Email [email protected]