Patrons of the Grand Lodge of Texas Library & Museum

1 Burl Turner

Burl Turner

2 Guy Franklin Stoval Sr

Guy Franklin Stovall, Sr.

3 Lee Lockwood

Lee Lockwood

4 James H Lockwood

James H. Lockwood

5 Bill Daniel

Bill Daniel

6 Harvey C Byrd

Harvey C. Byrd

7 Mabel Byrd

Mabel Byrd

8 Guy Franklin Stovall,jr

Guy Franklin Stovall, Jr.

9 Pat Beard

Pat Beard

10 Duncan C Howard

Duncan C. Howard

11 Fred Edwin Allen

Fred Edwin Allen

12 Robert P Walker

Robert P. Walker

13 Holland lodge 1

Holland Lodge No. 1

14 Reese Harrison Jr

Reese Harrison, Jr.

15 John McKinney Jr

John McKinney, Jr.

16 James M Willson Jr

James M. Wilson, Jr.

17 Sam E Hilburn

Sam E. Hilburn

18 W Vernon Burke Jr

Vernon Burke, Jr.

19 John Ellis Blank Jr

John Ellis Blank, Jr.

Donald J Carter

Donald J. Carter

21 Linda Carter

Linda Carter

22 Charles Steven Wolfe

Charles Steven Wolfe

23 W M Mike Gower

W. M. Mike Gower

Hugh M Smith

Hugh M. Smith

25 John Pack

John Pack

Thomas C Yantis

Thomas C. Yantis

27 Thomas A Spencer

Thomas A. Spencer

William Jacob Giles

William Jacob Giles

29 Lawrence K Casey Jr

Lawrence K. Casey, Jr.

30 Ronald A Sharp

Ronald A. Sharp

31 Robert J Glasgow

Robert J. Glasgow

32 W R Dub Knight

W. R. Dub Knight

33 Steven Earl Burleson

Steven Earl Burleson

34 Frank C Rockabrand

Frank C. Rockabrand

35 L G Dusty Martin

L. G. Dusty Martin

36 Jane Smoot

Jane Smoot

37 Glen Dale Schneider

Glen Dale Schneider

38 Lyndon Olson, Jr

Lyndon Olson, Jr.

39 Billy Azbell, Sr

Billy Azbell, Sr.

40 James V Mohon

James V. Mohon

41 Tommy D. Guest

Tommy D. Guest

42 Charles Kitchens

Charles Kitchens

43 Bill Willis

Bill Willis

44 David Counts

David Counts

45 William C Lansford

William C. Lansford

46 Archie Scott

Archie Scott

47 Hope Lodge 481

Hope Lodge No. 481

48 H Malvern Marks

H. Malvern Marks

49 Elmer Murphey III

Elmer Murphey, III

50 Corwin C Connell

Corwin C. Connell

51 Joseph Causey

Joseph Causey

52 Michael Wiggins

Michael Wiggins


Tranquility Lodge No. 2000

54 Guy Franklin Stovall III

Guy Franklin Stovall, III

55 Tom Wimberly

Tom Wimberly

56 Ken and Virginia Sparks

Ken and Virginia Sparks

57 Cade Rothwell

Cade-Rothwell Lodge No. 1151

58 Thomas A Redwine

Thomas A. Redwine

59 Sam Countiss

Sam Countiss

60 Dan Countiss

Dan Countiss

61 William Edward Ponder

William Edward Ponder

62 Warren Steed

Warren Steed

63 Walt Rogers

Walt Rogers

64 Spence Redwine

Spence Redwine

65 Steve and Kay Pepper

Steve and Kay Pepper

66 Mary Counts

Mary Counts

67 Jimmy Crow Patterson

Jimmy Crow Patterson

68 Mission Lodge 1061

Mission Lodge No. 1061

69 Sinclair Trust

Sinclair Trust

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