Grand Master’s Message

As we begin the 2018 Grand Lodge year, I want to thank you for the honor you have given me to serve you and the Grand Lodge of Texas as Grand Master. I am very humbled by this opportunity, and I will serve to the very best of my ability.
Our theme this year is “Freemasonry: A way of life.” Freemasonry is a way of life for me, and I recommend the same for all Texas Masons. We all have an integral part in the functioning of our fraternity. Every member is important, but we must all do our own part in making Freemasonry function.
I look forward to seeing you as I travel around the great state of Texas. Let’s work hard and enjoy Masonry. “Let us cultivate the noble tenets of our profession – Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.” I sincerely wish you and your Lodges much success and happiness this year.


Tommy F. Chapman
Most Worshipful Grand Master 2018

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William Alsobrook’s Civil War Era Apron

Civil war era apron that belonged to William Millard Alsobrook from North Carolina. While he was serving in the confederacy, Alsobrook’s family was attacked at their home by plundering union soldiers. The soldiers came across Alsobrook’s Masonic apron and their leader, who was a Mason, then...

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