Grand Master’s Message

First Official Message

Brothers All,

It is an honor and privilege to serve you in 2021. I intend to fulfil my duties and serve you with pride and competence. To do so, I will need your hopes and prayers just as we each need each other’s hopes and prayers to fulfill the promises we have made to each other.

Kneeling at the Altar during the Grand Lodge Installation ceremony pointedly reminded me of the obligations and responsibilities you and I took at similar Altars when we were raised as Master Masons. Those obligations in turn painted a picture of a young boy assuming the obligations of the Order of DeMolay and the hold those obligations took upon his morality and his commitment to the DeMolay Brotherhood and in turn to the Freemason Brotherhood. We as Freemasons have sworn to be Brothers. We as Freemasons took on the duty, task, and honor of being a Brother.

The 2021 Grand Master Coin features on one side the Trowel and the words “Spreading the Cement.” The Trowel reminds us to treat our Brothers with love and affection. There is no place in our Fraternity for bullying, meanness, callous disregard, harsh and unkind words, disdain, belittling, disrespect, or casual indifference. There is no place in our Fraternity for ignoring the needs of our Brothers. But as is so common with the human condition we tend to forget those obligations when we face the journey and pressing needs of life. Freemasons have a duty to offer words of encouragement, to reach out when needed, to listen and understand, and to honor our Brothers with our commitment and dedication.


The flip side of the Grand Master Coin urges you to “Bring Back a Brother.” Every Lodge has members who choose not to be active. These members pay dues or are endowed members. They are healthy and not so bound by life’s obligations that Lodge participation is prohibited. They are not so ill or aged that they cannot participate. They choose not to be active. We as Brothers must strive to understand why it is that our belief in Brotherhood is no longer material or relevant to those missing Brothers. Lodges must work to earn and regain the faith and loyalty of these missing Brothers.

This year my wish is that we focus on Brotherhood. The Brotherhood of those who are here. The Brotherhood of those who were here but now are missing. The Brotherhood that is the rock of our Fraternity.

Thank you for choosing to be a Texas Mason. I am looking forward to working with you in 2021.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Most Worshipful Grand Master 2021

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