Book Order Form

List of available books

1. If you are a Mason in good standing, you may borrow up to three books at a time for 21 days. If you need an extended time, please call to let us know.

2. A late charge of 10 cents per day per book will be assessed until returned if we are not informed of additional time needed. A replacement charge will be billed to you for lost or damaged books. These charges will be shown as a donation to the Library.

3. With your book order you receive a return label, Delivery Confirmation label with a bar code, and a new order form. The Library pays the outgoing postage and Delivery Confirmation charges. (Delivery Confirmation is a Postal tracking system.)

4. You pay the return postage (Library Rate) and the Delivery Confirmation charge (75 cents). You may re-use the envelope your books came in. Please be sure the return label is affixed to the envelope securely and that the confirmation label has been attached and scanned at the Post office so that your package can be

5. If you pick up books from the Library and then mail back, please use the Delivery Confirmation service offered by the Post Office.