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Help Children Succeed by Taking Time To Read

Take time to read programTo the Members of Texas Lodges

Brethren, the 2016 Grand Lodge year is about to Close and a new Grand Master and slate of Grand Lodge Officers are about to be Installed and begin the 2017 Grand Lodge Year.

This being a new year, let’s start by going into our schools if you are not already doing so and get involved in The Take Time To Read program. By doing so you can have a great
impact on the children in our schools by reading to classes Tutoring slow readers and you my not know this but you Mentor children who do not have one in their lives, you do make a difference.
One hour a week makes the difference between a child passing or failing. The teachers in our schools have a really hard job and they sure welcome our help.

Lodges get a vast amount of Masonic milage and recognition in your community by taking on this important task. There is no cost to the Lodge.  You can order supplies from The Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas by going online or calling 1-214-559-7800 this the direct line to the order department.

The hours, miles and any other supplies you purchase can be log in you Charity report to Grand Lodge.

Brethren if you need help getting started call me or any of the Take Time To Read Committee members for assistance.

Good luck and on behalf of myself and the other members of The Take Time To Read Committee we would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Hope to see you at Grand Lodge

Sincerely and Fraternally
Al Alexandre
Chairman TTTR Committee