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Commemorating the Masonic Presence
At the First Shot of the Texas Revolution

In mid September 1835, Mexican General Cos landed in Matagorda Bay and proceeded overland to Bexar.  This was the first step toward disarming the people of Texas, and to secure a four-pounder cannon which had been placed at Gonzales by the Mexican Government for the defense of the settlement against the Comanches.  His demand for the cannon was refused by the colonists and a detachment of about one hundred Mexican Cavalry under the command of Lieutenant Francisco Castonando was sent to take it back.

Upon arriving near Gonzales, on September 28, 1835 a small company of eighteen Men, (six of them masons- Winslow Turner, William W Arrington, Valentine Bennet, Almeron Dickinson, G W Davis, and Charles Mason) “The Old Eighteen”, held the Mexican force at bay until reinforcements could arrive.  On October 2, 1835 a battle was fought, witch has been called the Lexington of the Texas Revolution.

The Texans Won!


The Following Masons Took Part In The Battle
Colonel John H Morre, Commanding
Lieutenant Colonel JWE Wallace, Second in command
James Neal – fired the first cannon shot of the revolution

William A Alley
Thomas J Gazley
James Kerr
William J Russel
Branch T Archer
R M Goheen
Eli Mitchell
William P Smith
Edward Burleson
Archibalb Hodge
E M Pease
Noah Smithwick
Thomas M Dennis
Patrick C Jack
Andrew Pontoon
R M Williamson
James W Fannin
Augusts Jones
Joel Robison
The following is an excerpt from a Historical Sketch of Gonzales Lodge No. 30 A F & A M
Written June 24, 1897
Compiled by B R Abernethy Grand Master 1896
It would be improper to conclude this sketch without referring to the remarkable zeal and love of Masonry uniformly displayed by the brethren of this Lodge in its early days. It was no uncommon occurrence for them to ride twenty to thirty miles, through a trackless country, filled with unseen unknown perils leaving their families without protection, save the protecting care of that God upon which all good Masons place their trust.

Dreading the stealthy approach of the merciless Indian to their homes, and the rush of a fanatical anti- Masonic mob upon the Lodge. They were armed at all points and prepared for any emergency. But through all this Masonry in Gonzales not only lived, it grew and flourished, and we today are enjoying the fruits of their heroic self-sacrifice.

Special Invitation
The annual celebration commemorating the Battle of Gonzales is held each year on a weekend  near the date of the battle, October 2nd.  We encourage each of you to contact a member of Gonzales Lodge No. 30 for the specific date for the current year and come and join in the celebration!
Contact information
Glen Sachtleben
830 437-2208
Louis Bowen
830 672-6000
Drew Hunter
830 437-5626
Stephen Henrichs
830 437-2828



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