One of the stated tasks of the Texas History Committee is to work with each Texas Lodge to help determine what historically important documents and artifacts they may have tucked away in their back rooms, and then to offer assistance to the lodge to help them preserve those artifacts and documents from decay… and who knows what artifacts might be stored in a cabinet in a back room!

An inventory and assessment form that has been developed by the Grand Lodge Texas History Committee. This form has been developed for your use as a guide to begin the process of identifying those documents and artifacts, owned by your Lodge, that are, or may be, of historical value.

While not every Lodge will have artifacts from the time of the Texas Republic, every Lodge will contain within its archives, a slice of the history of its own community. Future generations of Masons in your community will find great benefit from a clear and thorough documentation of your Lodge’s history.

A few ideas might be to place a label, or attach a sheet of paper listing the names of all of the men in the installation photos that are in almost every Texas Lodge. Is there a name engraved on the Tiler’s sword? Whose was it? Is there a member of your Lodge who remembers that man? Maybe he was the town mayor, or the blacksmith, or a Past Master who served with distinction as the Lodge Secretary.

This would be an excellent time to examine the Lodge Minute Books, and make sure that they are well-protected from the elements, leaky water pipes, bugs and varmints. Brethren, this form is intended to draw your attention to the rich legacy of our beloved Masonic Fraternity that exists in each and every one of our Texas Lodges.

If you find that you need some professional assistance in the areas of document preservation or restoration, or would like some suggestions on how to best care for various items of paper, wood, metal, etc., some of the members of the Texas History Committee have experience in these areas. In these instances, all you would need to do would be to contact any member of the committee, and request some assistance.

Rest assured that Grand Lodge has no desire for the documents and artifacts of the Constituent Lodges. This project is being developed by the Texas History Committee, and is a work-in-progress. Your ideas and suggestions for how this Committee may best serve the Lodges of Texas are eagerly solicited. Your Texas History Committee would love for you to share your stories of treasures found, and lost history recovered.


Letter to the Constituent Lodges
Letter to the District Deputy Grand Masters

Artifact and Document Form for Lodges
Sample – Artifact and Document Form for Lodges