In 1996 a resolution was passed for a “seat honoring” program that would help bolster the financial health of the Grand Lodge Temple maintenance endowment. For a donation of $100, a brass plate would be affixed to a seat of one’s choosing with the following selection of inscriptions:

  1. In Name of _____________
  2. In Honor of ____________ By ____________________
  3. In Memory of___________ By____________________

The Seat Program is on-going, generating the funds as originally intended and giving the opportunity for Lodges to honor past officers, Grand Masters to honor their DDGMs, wives to honor their husbands, and Brethren to honor wives, fathers, brothers, sons and friends. With the auditorium having 3,740 seats, the optimum goal is to gain a total of $374,000 to add to the Temple maintenance endowment fund.

Please join with your Brethren to help in this effort, which was originally proposed by the late Brother Tom B. Johnson of Houston, who was known as one who lived the Masonic ideals to the fullest. Every goal met is an opportunity to have our beautiful Temple remain as a self-sustaining Center for Masonic Education and Fellowship for Texas Masons.

Please fill out the order form below and send it along with your payment to:

The Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas
P. O. Box 446
Waco, Texas 76703