Grand Master Kenneth Charles Curry (“Ken”) was born on December 17, 1950 to Richard Paul and Elizabeth Jane Curry in Fort Worth, Texas.

Richard Curry came to Fort Worth from San Diego California in 1941 to help open the bomber plant which is now called Lockheed. His first job, at then Consolidated, included riding a bicycle through the plant picking up timecards so that employees could be paid. Richard Curry had two lifelong values he deeply impressed upon Ken. “Is it the right thing to do?” and “You must get along with everyone.” Elizabeth Curry was raised in Quanah and Refugio, Texas. She was from the school of hard knocks. Depression, the early loss of her father, and foreclosure of the family farm made lasting impressions on her. Richard and Elizabeth Curry met during World War II at the bomber plant where she banged a typewriter in support of the war effort and Richard seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of ration coupons. They raised three boys and one girl. Richard retired from General Dynamics as a mid-level manager and passed in 1994. Elizabeth doted on her grandchildren until she passed in 2001. They are buried in Azle, Texas.

Ken started school in Springtown, Texas which was then a small country town with a square and not much else some thirty miles west of Fort Worth. The high school mascot was and still is the Porcupines. His family lived on 160 acres that provided endless diversions, boredom, and opportunities for misadventures. Regular attendance at the First Methodist Church brought early lessons about morality and how to socialize with others. At the beginning of his 9th grade year the family moved to Fort Worth and to the big city schools. In high school Ken played football and ran track.

Ken attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he served as Student Community President, was a charter member of Eta Upsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha International Social Fraternity, served on Student Congress, participated in intramural athletics and various other student and collegiate associations. After receiving his undergraduate degree from UTA, Ken attended the University of Houston, Bates College of Law, receiving his Juris Doctorate in 1976. Among the jobs Ken held while in college were hospital file clerk, cafeteria dish washer, tube bender, student government employee and airport security guard.

After graduating from law school, Ken returned to Fort Worth where he established and maintained a general civil and criminal practice until 1992 when he was elected Judge of the 153rd District Court. That Court dealt exclusively with civil matters such as personal injury, contracts, medical malpractice, and product liability. While judge of the 153rd Ken presided over more than six hundred jury trials and conducted thousands of hearings and non-jury trials. Upon retiring from the district court bench Ken conducted mediations, acted as a referee in insurance disputes and from time to time sat as a visiting judge.

Ken and Gloria Ngai Curry met in 1973 while Ken attended UTA and Gloria was a student at an Arlington fashion college. Their first date was a walk to a 7-Eleven for a cola. In 1975, Ken married the prettiest, nicest, sweetest, kindest person in the world. They have two loving, kind children, Brandon and Elizabeth who have blessed them with five wonderful grandchildren with another child due in 2021. Gloria’s career has been with Southwest Airlines. She has developed her art in cookie baking and decoration. She has decorated and distributed hundreds of cookies to Texas Masons.

Ken and Gloria are members of the First United Methodist Church of Colleyville where they participate in multiple groups and activities and Ken serves on the Board of Trustees.

Ken’s involvement with Freemasonry began in 1966 when he knelt at the altar in Handley Chapter, Order of DeMolay and took upon himself obligations akin to those of Freemasonry. Those obligations, the Seven Cardinal Virtues of DeMolay and his father’s admonishment “Is it the right thing?” have guided his life journey. In DeMolay Ken served three times as Master Councilor of his Chapter, received two Meritorious Service Awards, was awarded the Representative DeMolay designation and the Blue Honor Key, served as Area Master Councilor and Deputy State Master Councilor, and received the Degree of Chevalier. In more recent times Ken was awarded the DeMolay Legion of Honor.

Ken was raised in Handley Lodge No. 1140 where he served as Worshipful Master in 2009 – 2010. He received the Golden Trowel Award from Handley Lodge No. 1140. He maintains membership in Fort Worth Lodge No. 148, Smithfield Lodge No. 455, Sweet Home Lodge No. 576, Sunrise Daylight Lodge No. 1433, the Texas Lodge of Research and Tranquility Lodge No. 2000. Ken served as President of the 64th District Master Wardens and Secretaries Association in 2012. Ken is a Past Worthy Patron of Handley Chapter No. 617 O.E.S.

Ken served Right Worshipful Walter W. Rodgers as District Deputy Grand Master in 2013 and Right Worshipful Michael L. Wiggins as Grand Tiler in 2015. He has served on the Civil Law and Purposes and Policies Grand Lodge Committees.

Ken is an endowed member of the Fort Worth Valley of the Scottish Rite. He has achieved the rank of 33°, Inspector General Honorary. He served the Fort Worth Valley in various capacities culminating in being named the Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas from 2010 to 2019. He currently is a member of the Executive Committee of Fort Worth Scottish Rite and the Board of Trustees of the Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation. He led the 15th and 17th Degree teams for Fort Worth Scottish Rite. In 2011 Ken was named a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children where he continues to serve. He is a member of the Board’s Legal Advisory and Governance committees. The opportunity to be a part of the dedication and work of so many fine individuals at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital has been and is a crowning point in his life.

Ken is a Past High Priest of Texas Chapter No. 361, Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, and a Past Thrice Illustrious Master of Texas Council No. 321, Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas. Ken maintains membership in Worth Commandery No. 19, Tejas Council No. 282, Allied Masonic Degrees, and Trinity Council No. 154, York Rite College. He is a past Puissant Sovereign of Saint Timothy Conclave of the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine.

Ken is especially appreciative of his membership in Moslah Temple and the Imperial Shrine. The work those bodies accomplish in support of children is near and dear to his heart and a tribute to Masonic beliefs.