My Brethren:

I have been traveling on this road of Service that I was privileged for you to set me on four years ago.

There are not many days left in my account and the hourglass will soon be empty. We have had great times and great tragedies. I was blessed to travel to England to witness the tercentenary celebration of the United Grand Lodge of England where was assembled the greatest number of Grand Masters in one place in the history of the world. As guests of the United Grand Lodge of England, we were treated royally. It was spectacular.

Hurricane Harvey showed us the heights of bravery our Brethren have and their capacity to withstand any tragedy. Their courage in the face of disaster and strength of will to persevere in the face of all problems that assailed them was demonstrated over and over by our brethren. I have never been so proud to be a Mason. Our brethren were foremost in the rescue effort and regardless of the cold, rain, peril or anything else were not deterred is their efforts to brings relief, save lives, and aid their fellow man.

The program of Service has been well taken this year and I am extremely grateful. The impact across our state is truly immeasurable and the attitude about Masonry has changed for the good because more people know what we stand for and what our purposes are.

The Grand Lodge session is drawing close and we have several things to vote on and people to elect. Please attend! The vote and the elections will shape our future.

Finally, I wish to extend my thanks from a grateful heart for the privilege of Service to this Grand Lodge. It has been my way of life for fifty years and will continue to be my way of life. The Privilege you gave me was the achievement of a lifetime dream, and I can never, never, never repay you.

God Bless You and God Bless the Grand Lodge of Texas!

Your Brother,
Jerry Nelson Kirby
Grand Master