What is the Program?

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The name is somewhat misleading. The Masonic Hospital Visitation Program is, without a doubt, the finest public relations program ever undertaken by the Masonic fraternity. The Masonic Service Association of North America deems this program their major relief work. 

It is much more than merely “visitations” to the disabled and lonely patients in V.A. Hospitals, State Veterans Homes and Extended Care Facilities. It is the rendering of personal services to all our sons and brothers, Masons and Non-Masons alike, who now need someone to turn to for encouragement and to make life a little more pleasant.

Little things mean a lot. A friendly smile, a warm handclasp, an embrace and a kind word can do wonders for those who are lonely and depressed in a hospital or a nursing home. 

The Hospital Visitation Program is a vital part of the Fraternity that deserves your attention and needs your immediate help.

A new video, “Are Ye Able?” has been produced, which provides a contemporary view of MSA’s Hospital Visitation Program. 

I am available to present this program in your lodge, MWSA, group or appendant body.

For programs and information for participation by you, your lodge or Masonic Group, contact

Tom Hancock at


or call


Also, see www.msana.com, Hospital Visitation Program, for additional information and ideas how to serve our Veterans.

Your assistance and participation is welcome in every VA facility in Texas.