2016 Texas Photo Contest Rules and Regulations

version V

Please read thoroughly!

All Texas Masons and their immediate Families are eligible to enter up to (3) three photographs taken by them, this year or in the last three (3) years in Texas.

5 entry categories are as follows:

LANDSCAPE – PORTRAIT – SNAPSHOT – ALTARS – and TEXAS FLAGS. (featured with American Flag, OK).

IMPORTANT: In your submission, please provide the following information:

  • Name, Full Home Address, MM, PM, *EAs, *FCs, or Family member and relation to a Mason, Lodge name & #, the subject, place, people, location, why you took the photo, what kind of camera and time of day. This information will be listed on the GL website posting. * “EA” & “FC” titles will not be listed with the entry name. But instead as a “Mason” only. No title in this case. Only Master Masons and Past Master Masons will be titled.
    • Please title & category each entry: Submit: good sharp (digital preferred but will welcome photos via US Mail) photos. – Minimum 1MB or larger quality. We will size to fit GL website!
    • No manipulation can be made to alter the quality of a photo, excluding sizing, contrast, lightening or cropping; prefer camera aspect ratio not change, vertical or horizontal.
    • No digital effect (FX) Filtering. All submissions not received accordingly to the rules will not be considered submitted.
    • Submit (3 or less) photos with full information (see above) included in the email:
    • In Subject Line: “2016 PHOTO CONTEST” – “Attach” photos only, do not embed in email text area. (See example below) email to: jdarrell@jdkcom.com
    • Note: each person entering will submit a separate email. Do not package, example: father and son’s photo entries together. Individual names entering must be their own email with up to 3- photos w/information listed.( see example at bottom of page). A must! It can be sent on Dads email, just not with dad’s entries if any.
    • Please send digital photos that have been taken, up to September 30th (deadline) this year and or in the last 3 years, and that have not been submitted before. Texas photographed subjects only!
    • The Best of Show, (or The Grand Masters Choice) and all 1st. place blue ribbon winners of the 5 categories will be presented during the Grand Lodge Open Session. (Time frame to be determined).
    • Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place & Honorable Mention winning photos will be displayed in the Grand Library during the Grand Lodge Session and will hold over at the Library’s discretion. Also winners will be written-up in the GL Magazine (at editors choice).
    • Place ribbons awarded: Best-of-Show or (Grand Master’s Choice), 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Honorable Mentions, in each category…
    • Images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit. The panel of judges will be Texas Master Masons that are astute in photography. All decisions made by the judges are final.


The Judges for 2016 will be:

Bruce Hammond

Dick Brown

Jeff Haven

Charlie Taylor

JDarrell Kirkley


So start shoot’en and submit those photos! Thank you and good luck in the 2016 Photo Contest this year! By all means, Have Fun!

JDarrell Kirkley

Director of Photography


Bruce Hammond

Chairman Texas History Committee, Grand Lodge of Texas.


I have reviewed the Rules and Regulations… TAKE ME TO THE PHOTOS!

Also, please visit the Grand Lodge website and visit the 2014 & 2015 entries.


Subject line: 2016 PHOTO CONTEST

Attachment: Bicyles.jpg, Lodge.png, FLag001.jpg

email text area:

John James

18881 Hollow Oak St.

Dallas, TX 76287


email: john38@aol.com

I am a Master Mason, (PM – 2013) of Highland Park Lodge # 1150 Dallas, Texas.

Description: 3 entries:

1. Snapshot Category: Title: “Kids on bicyles”.

I shot this photo in Hyde Park late one afternoon in May, 2014.

Used my canon 60D camera with zoom lens.

2. Altar Category: Title: Let the little light shine”

In Hillcrest Lodge #1318, last year there was a unique light over the altar with the closed Bible and square and compasses laying on top . I captured this shot with my IPhone 4.

3. Texas Flag Category: Title: “Texas our Texas with Old Glory”

This shot was taken in Rose City, Texas last year. The sky was deep blue and the sun was backlighting the flags blowing in the wind. The rich deep colors caught my eye. I used my old Nikon G33 with 50mm lens.

These are hypothetical examples only!