The following guidelines should be used when considering the establishment of a Lodge website.

Web pages should enhance the image of the fraternity and never detract from it. Website content should be both informative to the non-Mason as well as its membership. Page design is up to the individual lodge, as long as it is in good taste.

The Lodge webpage must not link to or be linked to by any website where a conflict with the principles of Freemasonry, could be assumed, suggested, or perceived.

Linking to a non-Masonic entity should not be permitted.

Linking to a Masonic entity not recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas should not be permitted.

The use of a “Free Website” where that provider has the option to insert their commercial advertisements, at will and without approval, into the Lodge’s web page is strongly discouraged.

The use of a link to the Grand Lodge of Texas is strongly encouraged.

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. of Grand Lodge Officers, committee members, or District Officers will not be published in Lodge websites.

Information displayed on the Lodge webpage should be accurate and current. All names, addresses, locations, activities and dates, must be checked regularly to ensure recent changes have been posted. In no case should a Lodge website to refer to past activities as though they were yet to occur.

Activities that are listed as “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” are appropriate to announce Lodge Officers Installation, Ladies nights and other related activities. However, listings as “OPEN TO ALL MASONS”, or any other wording that may be construed as such, should not be used. Instead, these should be listed as “OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE GRAND LODGE OF TEXAS”.

Web pages should not show Lodge members’ Internet URL addresses that refer to business websites. The Lodge webpage should never be used for the financial gain or interest of a member.

The images of the Seal of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas can not be used for any purpose.

Names of Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons can not be published, per Grand Lodge law.