The members of your Masonic Education and Service Committee are pleased to offer the Randall E. Briscoe Workshop Program designed to assist Lodge Officers in the day-to-day operation of their Lodges. The program is an adaptation of the format used by the Committee during the era of the 1960s when its effect upon Lodge leadership was evinced by well-informed and capable leadership in Texas Lodges. Based upon the results of the program since 2011, we believe the Masons of Texas are supportive of the theory that well informed and prepared leadership of our Lodges has a definite impact upon the quality of Masonry in our Grand Jurisdiction.

The first half of the program focuses on Grand Lodge Law, as well as how to deal with difficult and unexpected situations which may occur during the course of one’s tenure as an officer of his Lodge. It is the difficult and unexpected situations that challenge leadership in any organization. Many leaders are “blindsided” by such occurrences. The likelihood is that most Wardens of our Lodges will eventually progress to the East, and that progression “through the chairs” will doubtless lead to several opportunities to deal with tough situations requiring their prompt attention and careful consideration.

The second half of the program is designed to enhance our understanding and prompt discussion related to the symbolism and more esoteric aspects of Freemasonry. Unlike many of the situations outlined in the first section where there is an obvious right or wrong answer, symbolism may have multiple levels of interpretation, and will likely require ongoing study and discussion to fully comprehend the true and intended meaning. An additional purpose of the Briscoe Workshop series is to compliment the weekend Officer Leadership Training Programs, which have proven very popular among Lodges throughout Texas. While the Workshop series primarily concentrates on Grand Lodge Law, dealing with difficult situations while presiding in the East, and Masonic Symbolism, the Officer Leadership Training Program focuses on Lodge administration and leadership skills. Together these programs seek to prepare officers to effectively manage and steer their Lodges toward a bright and prosperous future.

The Briscoe Workshops are open to all Master Masons. View the schedule for a workshop near you.